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Ronke Gbadebo: Fitness instructor/Nutritional Advisor.

Hello, I am Ronke Gbadebo, a qualified group fitness instructor with over 25 years of experience. Growing up, I developed passion to help people in achieving their weight loss, muscle gain and attain other health and fitness goals. Also, I have special interest in helping the older adults (50 and above) remain fit and healthy as they age. These passion drove me to seek certifications and qualifications that aids my efficiency, influence and capability.
I began my fitness career in the early 90s while living in South East, London and moved to Nigeria in 1997. 
While in Nigeria, she worked at different places as a group fitness instructor; was a lead instructor in a daily Fit and Healthy TV programme; was a producer of a weekly radio programme titled “Healthy Living and YOU” and started a you tube exercise program called “Total Body Fitness Series”.
Ronke, a 1990 graduate of Ogun State University in Nigeria has certification in the following
* Exercise to Music
* Step Aerobics
* Core Stability 
* Higher Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) * * Kettlebell 
* Mat Pilate qualification
* GP Referral 
* Older Adults certification 
She also has a postgraduate Diploma in Exercise and Nutrition Science from University of Chester.
Currently, undergoing her Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a Postural Stability Instructor qualification. 
She presently works as a GP Referral/ Group Fitness Instructor with Active Northumberland, Health and Wellbeing Officer with Age (UK) Northumberland runs Senior Fitness classes across Northumberland. 
Ronke runs her fitness and health counseling, training, and coaching under the auspices of Healthy Living and U through her E-books, podcasting, blogging, LIVE training sessions, and activities on Social Media. 
She is also an author of 3 books – all available at Amazon 
She enjoys reading, listening to music and travelling. 
You can connect with her through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

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