Part One
Our love started way back. We were inseparable
Our mindset flowed smoothly
We enjoyed each others company
It was beautiful beholding each others eyes and being able to understand our feelings
We had good and great plans, we were already working on.
Many delight to spend time with us
We trusted each other, believed in each other. Our words to each other resonated only true love, acceptance, honour, respect and loyalty
We tried to outdo each other in service
Our mutual commitment to one another gave us strength to weather bad times
Our lives produced rest, peace, joy abundance
We were content being in each others life

I was totally content with your life definition. Your ways, acts and presence resonate congruity in an unexplainable ways. You exude light, honour, glory and a kind of weightiness that is undeniable.
Whoever contacts you always leaves with a touch that creates an hunger for more.
Your presence and fellowship gives a kind of satisfaction and succor that is priceless.
Who will not want to be in your presence forever?
Who will not want to be in the presence of such true love enjoying unceasing fellowship?
I wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world.

Part Two
I became so relaxed that I did not notice a new guest that just joined us.
Our guest was well known to you. You were in close union before.
There was a marriage of purpose and mission.
The guest knew your heart, had understanding of those things that are of value to you. He had tasted the beautiful endowment experienced when you have been given your rightful place
The guest seem determined to stay with us and just enjoy with us our fellowship that was devoid of pretence. It was a truly transparent union.
I noticed how our guest took time to observe you, your walk and work, working closely to do only that which pleases you.
I became comfortable with your guest, I just sense I could trust him and also learn from him wisdom that will enhance our relationship.
When you decided to expand our place of domain, you delegated some assignment to me which I gladly accepted.
You implanted your expected picture of the finished work on my heart. I carried this picture everywhere, thinking about it and seeking for best possible strategies for proper and effective implementation.
Your guest offered to help and I accepted. We started working on it together.
I really liked his ideas, methods and ways to achieve the expected picture. I trusted his ideas and we looked like a perfect team until I suddenly realised the picture in my presence is different from the one implanted in my heart.
When you came to inspect my finished work, it was looking very rough, full of ditches and trenches that made it looked like a graveyard.
As I stretched my hands to hold you, the ditches and trenches got bigger and bigger and suddenly I fell into one of them and a sleet covered me up.
I screamed, shouted, cried until there was no more strength.
As I turned around to look closely at where I am now, all I could see was thick darkness and the groaning of many voices
The pain and anguish with a sense of helplessness was deadly.
I felt so sad that I was not careful, was not watchful and took my gaze away from you and fixed it on the stranger
I felt pained that I did not check with you all that the guest told me before folowing it through
I miss our union, fellowship and communion that daily birth life, hope, joy and peace in me.
I have tried to look for a way out but all I see are ditches and trenches filled with people mourning and groaning
Ooh, ooh, ooh, what a helpless person I have become
Can I ever find a way of escape?

Part 3
Ooh! how my heart longs for our daily communion.
As I look around me trying to savour the reality of my new life, I noticed all around that the groaning voices seem to fade away into an indistinct rumble.
The whole atmosphere seemed to be one of self acceptance and adaptation. Everywhere I turn I see hearts that are looking for ways to be comfortable in a place that is filled with darkness yet outwardly looks attractive with the capacity to satisfy every whim and Caprice and at all levels, without any form of restriction.
Yet in the midst of all this, I have unceasing heart pangs, when I recall how life used to be.
As I thought deeply on these happenings, the guest appeared suddenly, but this time in a different costume, looking fierce and angry?
I was startled. I thought I was seeing another person until I realised it was the same person; he had just changed his garment to get my attention and draw me into his plan
Now I am upset with myself. How could I have been so careless and gullible.
The guest seems so happy with his spoil. Ooh, how he oppressed us daily yet no one could question or challenge him because we all willingly sold him our rights. We have become his subjects by choice.
He promised us life, abundance, fame, prestige, yet all these never seemed to satisfy my heart longings.
My heart longed for my one and true love whose relationship with me transcends all that the guest promised.
I then decided to make the effort to return to my one and true love.
The plan failed I the F rst instance. My misery and sense of helplessness were brought home to me.
I thought I could save myself, but the more I tried, the more I became enveloped in darkness.
Ooh what a life!

Part 4
My life seem meaningless to me now.
I cannot deny the sense of aloneness, loneliness and rejection that I experience daily.
As I considered my predicament, I felt a presence.
I could not see or hear but perceived what the presence radiated – Peace!
I craved the experience of this kind of peace on a daily basis.
I pursued this desire earnestly.
I sought to find the person who radiated such presence.
The more I searched, the more elusive it seemed. But anytime I relaxed and rested, I experienced calmness in my heart.
The kind of calmness that makes my present situation look like nothing.
The kind of calmness that gives strength and power to float over life’s turmoils
Suddenly light burst forth into the dungeons and trenches; then I saw him, my one and only.
The true one!
I saw him with his battered and totally marred visage; with wounds all over him, nearly unrecognisable!
His present image greatly disturbed me as I have always enjoyed fellowship with him in all his splendor.
Why now will he chose to look so wounded and bruised.
As I pondered the question and hesitated to ask him, He just shouted my name and asked me to come to him.
His invitation hit my heart deeply and all I could ask was why he looked like that.
And he said, I love you too much to let you go.
You were mine and you will always be.
I did all I have to do to get you back.
I paid the price of my love for you.
Your life matters to me.
What we had was too precious to allow a stranger and peverter derails us from our path.
We were meant to fellowship with one another and out of that union, give birth to life, love, joy, peace, fruitfulness and all that I represent.
I could only respond in awe and surrender into his arms.
What true love, that a man will go all out to seek redemption for the object of his love, without regard to cost
I am in awe of this kind of love.
A true love that signifies Redemption and Release!