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Do you know that

1. Low back pain is the leading cause of global disability.

2..Approximately 70% of years lost through disability were in working aged people (20-65 years)

3..Some 83 million days of work are lost globally per year due to back pain.

4..The number of people with low back pain is increasing as the global population increases and ages.

Don’t be part of the statistics. Prevention is better than cure

Back pain has many causes but mostly from musculoskeletal problems such as ligament sprains or muscle strains. It could also be as a result of degenerative discs, restricted hip motion especially with ageing, misaligned pelvis, acquired postural misalignments.

It could be mild discomfort to severe pain. Such pain could be

Sudden pain

Stabbing, burning or aching pain

Pain on walking

Pain during prolonged sitting or standing

Pain on forward or side bending

Pain on getting out of a chair

Pain on straight leg raising and trunk flexion exercises

Back pain if not properly managed can disrupt your life, affect your activity of daily living, affect moods, social life and cause anxiety. and make it harder to complete daily tasks and do the things you love.

Older adults have a higher prevalence of back pain due to the physiological changes associated with ageing. Bad posture, physical inactivity, overweight/obesity are also some of the risk factors that exist for the development of back pain.

Regular exercises are recommended for managing back pain.

Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles. They help support your spine, relieving back pain. It stretches, strengthens, and repairs muscles that help to support the back.

These 4 videos contain exercises tailored to strengthen the back.

Video 1: Floor stretches for the back

Video 2: Seated stretches

Video 3: Standing stretches

Video 4: Strength exercises for the back

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