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Why should I kill it?Why should I not tell?Why should I be silent?
The churning within the soul is so deep, it defies the natural. Worlds and walls are turned upside down and inside out.
Confusion of thought,blurred imagination, blank gaze, distorted perception and unclear speech;I try to make sense of it all; I study to see the treasures within;I search the goldmines and engage the wisdom of the scholars to look for the hidden diamonds.
I sought out the powerful, the influential, the orators and all kinds of gatekeepers, looking for the rainbow in the sky.All to no avail!
There must be something wrong!
I can’t see. I can’t  hear. I can’t discern. Understanding is far from me. I am sinking deeper into the abyss; searching endlessly without answers!
Then the light dawned.I had an epiphany, coming to myself and understanding that I had conformed and imbibed the philosophy of not telling it as it is!Not telling the truth; not telling my truth but making a lie.Making a lie in order to appear good. Refusing to cry to appear strong. Refusing to comment to appear peaceful

Burying the churning and burning tumult within; refusing to let it out, for healing to appear.
If you dare, judgement and condemnation await you.
If you tell it; your truth, shame might ensue.
If you tell, embarrassment cocoons you!
 You are encouraged not to tell it; to let it be, let things slide!
But the Book says, tell it.If it is broken, tell it

If it  is painful, tell it. If it  is crushing, cry it out loud. If it is suffocating, let it out. If it is fearful, shameful, regretful – tell it. If it  is wearing you out , tell it. If it is saddening, shout it out loud!
Tell it to Him!
 As you do, without embellishment,  inhibitions and fear of judgement; without shame, condemnation and criticisms:doors open!
Doors of hope because He is the hope giver!
Doors of peace because He is peace!
Doors of rest because He gives rest to the weary soul!
Weary souls who find unconditional love and understanding.
True understanding that comes from God who alone knows the intents of the heart.
To the weary, tired, stressed, discouraged, downtrodden soul, I say tell it!Tell him!Get His attention.He is waiting to help. To bring newness in you

I say again, tell it.Tell Him!

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