Healthy Lifestyle And Not Size

The desire to live a healthy life should go beyond size and shape. A lot factors such as genetic inheritance influences a person’s bone structure, body size, shape, and weight. Apart from appreciating those differences, the pursuit of healthy habits should be encouraged. A person that truly understand the importance of healthy living will treat his or her body with respect.

Focus should be more on achieving the ideal weight that makes you feel strong, energetic and enables you to live a normal life. Ideal weight will be different for everyone hence the need for self acceptance. Avoid comparing your body with others as it shifts focus from your own uniqueness and can easily become a breeding ground for self-rejection.

A good and seemingly perfect physical figure is a good and perfectly laudable objective. But the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is a better ‘good’! Such a pursuit blesses not just you, the individual, but the race and is a fulfilment of the purpose of God on the earth. It’s a vehicle for showcasing your gifts and talents as one who does well because she feels well; one whose flesh and spirit are simultaneous in their willingness!

Understanding your purpose, makes healthy choices meaningful; It fills the vacuum of weariness and discouragement; It births strength to hit the road and move; It drives inner desire and discipline to say no to killer ‘sweets’ and other cravings. It requires no sermonizing and foot dragging. You are driven now by the fire within- an unquenchable, inner fire; an inner drive that spells stability, resiliency and change.

Think about this – a healthy lifestyle without a strong ‘why’ is a freestanding display of weakness. As the Philosopher, Goethe says, if you know your (truly, motivating why) you can face any ‘what’!