Don’t Take The Poison-Audio


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Don’t Take The Poison Audio¬† File ( Chapter 1-13).

Chap01 – Opening Credits.

Chap02 – Preface.

Chap03 – The Silent Traveller.

Chap04 – The Purpose of Relationships The Cradle of Life.

Chap05 – Understanding Offence _ It’s meaning from a biblical perspective.

Chap06 – Relationship And Offences.

Chap07 – What Causes Offences.

Chap08 – Signs Of An Offended Heart.

Chap09 – Outcome Of Harbouring Offences.

Chap10 – The Path of Victory.

Chap11 – The Bridge Builders.

Chap12 – Rise Up – You Are The Epitome Of Beauty.

Chap13 – Closing Credits.


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