I heard a voice in the wee hours of the night saying, destroy, kill them all, spare nothing, show no mercy.

I couldn’t make sense of it as I am generally a peace loving and gentle person

I do not have anyone in my domain against whom I have such desires.
I do not in any way see the need for doing that to anyone regardless of what they have done or are doing.

I love peace, I seek peace and everywhere I go, I try to be a channel of peace.

I love making people happy and as much as I have the capacity,
I strive to be at peace with all men even if it costs me.

Definitely, this voice was just a figment of my imagination, it would not have been for me.

As much as I tried to disregard the nudging voice, I still could not run away from it

I became troubled, confused, unsure of what my response should be?

Why kill?
Why destroy?
Why not spare?

Is there no more way for reconsideration, for change, for hope?

I kept this to my heart and kept ruminating on it.

Different questions popped up –
Who are these people?
Where did they
come from?
What did they do to warrant such verdict?
How are they responding to their verdict?

Then I decided to dig deeper about them.

A people numerous with plentiful land and produce;

I saw strong, determined, focused and prosperous people with so much life around them, enjoying life as much as they could with no restrain

Whatever they want, they get, whether territories or produce.

They seem to have
no inhibitions.

They do not take kindly to intruders

They do all it requires to define their domain

You tamper with them at your mercy

As I looked and observed, all I could see were people that are trying to live to the full and deal with anything or anyone standing in their way

As much as I might not be comfortable with their methods
of dealing with opponent, they seemed to have achieved a lot for themselves.

Ooh, the voice again, this time stronger and louder and very unsettling.

I could not run away from it.
It was getting louder and louder by day.
But why?

I really wanted to understand the source of this strong voice.

As I searched,
I understood!

Beneath the glamour of a good life are people filled with apathy and coldness of heart to others plight

They are merciless
to the weak and downtrodden, heartless to the unborn, unforgiving, idolaters, adulterers and haters of good.

They shut their ears
to the voice of hope and life

They fight and kill anyone that asks them to change

Oppression and brutality have become the order of the day

The only voice they hear and listen to is their own, no one dares raise their voice above theirs.

Their hearts have become calloused and unyielding to truth.

My discovery brought sorrow to my heart.
I thought of what I could do to bring a change.

I could plead on their behalf and ask for pardon.

Then I realised change cannot be forced, it must come from within

The need to change must be seen
The call to turn around must be willingly responded to
The better life must be consciously surrendered to
The demand to become life must be embraced by the one that has seen the need for it.

What is dead is dead
The glamour gives it an aroma of life
It creates a chemistry of true romance

Yet, it still cannot bring to life what is dead

When you colour deadness, you are romancing it

Romancing the dead wastes life, strength; derails from life’s purpose.

It causes the pursuit of the insignificant.
It makes life seem shallow and creates emptiness within that can only be filled by the life giver.

Romancing the dead is deadness in itself
Why do it?

Suddenly, I woke up and behold it was all a dream!

Wow, so I have been dreaming!
It looked so real.

Was this really just
a dream; a dream
or a metaphor?

A warning to look within and rid myself of all that resembles deadness and embrace life.

Could be a call to search deeper and uncover things I have used glamour to cover

Is it not time to examine my ways, life, work and see if I am romancing the dead in anyway and shutting out the voice of the one and only who has the power to restore and give life to the dead?