Silifa Eleko cannot be explained or analysed. Unravelling her is as futile as trying to hold on to water by tightening the fist. A big joke that is; it seeps through the fingers, leaving the palm wet and empty. It is gone. That is Silifa; You never catch her, yet she leaves an unforgettable part of her wherever she goes.

No matter how much you study, explore, examine or analyse her like a project, she remains elusive, leaving you nothing to grasp.

What really makes her stand out?
Why does she wield so much power on people?
She speaks clearly yet no one seems to understand
She shouts out loud yet the decibels are contained by unbreakable silence

Silifa Eleko, an unexplainable, cantankerous and feisty character who wants life to say yes to her.
She is determined to be heard and listened to.
The more she tries, the harder it gets
But, how did she go about it?

Find out in this intriguing story about Silifa she wield through hurts, betrayal, abuse, disappointment to experience love and forgiveness

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