What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Ever since I started working out with Ronke, I lost weight and I feel more positive about myself. I am more careful on what I eat, and I am eating healthier food maintaining a balance diet and a healthier lifestyle. I am so grateful for the classes and what I have learned so far.
Katrina Sanguji
(United Kingdom)
The exercise routines on the videos has been greatly helpful. The cardio and abs routines with music injections are reinvigorating. The easy to follow routines allows you to start at your level and recommended for any age. The relevant health talks make it a well rounded experience. I recommend Healthy Living and you to everyone seeking to stay young and active.
Pastor Timothy K. Rabiu
(United Kingdom)
Workout for Seniors I would like to say what very enjoyable classes Ronke does for Senior’s. The Keep Fit with different routine every week and also the boundaries are pushed so you improve each week The Pilates exercises is in a more controlled way so I find it more difficult but is good for balance and exercises all parts of the body. Both classes leaving you feeling good
Ann & Barry
(United Kingdom)
Ronke’s Seniors Fitness Class and now her Pilates for Seniors Class have proved a godsend throughout the Lockdown and continue to be so. Her excellent teaching method and constant encouragement have ensured a high level of physical fitness and mental wellbeing through this difficult period. Her classes have proved to be islands of sanity during a time that has appeared, in many ways, surreal. Long may her classes continue. Well done Ronke.
Joan King
(United Kingdom)
Ronke has kept me motivated before and especially during lockdown. I look forward to her classes and feel better after them. I certainly would not have continued doing the exercises on my own.
Dorothy Burn
(United Kingdom)
Ronke's on line classes are a great help during lock down. Without her motivation I wouldn't be getting this kind of excercise.
Margaret Anysley
(United Kingdom)
Throughout this surreal period of lockdown, the dedication of Ronke providing weekly fitness sessions has been a wonderful taste of normality! The regular but very varied and interesting sessions has really helped with physical and mental health . Thank you Ronke!
Wendy Sheldon
(United Kingdom)
Ronke, Thank you for being a superb instructor. Without your dedication I personally would not have been as fit as I am. I would never have kept to a routine without you. You are an inspiration to us all and I thank you again for all the time and effort you put into the class.
Ann Erskine
(United Kingdom)
I am enjoying the online senior fitness and Pilates which Ronke has been running for our well being. I take the dogs out every day but that isn’t the same. Long may it continue, until we are allowed to meet physically again! Thanks Ronke Christine Holmes (United Kingdom)
Christine Holmes
(United Kingdom)
Coach Toks is the most dedicated strength and conditioning coach I’ve ever met. She understands my health and wellness needs related to weight loss and keeping fit. Her ability to push you beyond your limit is unquestionable. She has helped me significantly in my weight loss journey🙏🏻💪🏼
Mrs Moji Lekuti
I have worked closely with Ronke since she took over the exercise class. She is an inspiration encouraging myself and others to take part, showing us the importance of exercise and in particular the impact it has as we get older. Her classes are varied and adaptable so that all abilities can partake. Not being phased by the current pandemic she worked out a way that most of us can take part, technology is a wonderful thing. I would recommend her classes to everyone.
Susan Sanderson
(United Kingdom)
Ronke has created a routine suitable for seniors but still challenging. She offers different levels of ability within each exercise. She has reminded us to keep fit during the Coronavirus pandemic. My husband has joined with the sessions and we enjoy doing it together.
Janet & Keith
(United Kingdom)
I really enjoy doing the fitness classes with Ronke she gives us a really good workout which makes you feel so much better afterwards good for our mental health too in these strange times. Thank you so much Ronke
Lynda Potts
(United Kingdom)
Great online classes. I participated and enjoy the HITT, legs, bums and tums because of the variety of exercises we do. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The Pilates classes are awesome too, I highly recommend the Pilates classes if you are after a flat belly, good seating posture and core balance.
Aderinola Ojulari
In 2018 I had a health challenge , my knee hurts and my health statistics was not good. I knew I needed to do something drastic about my diet and sedentary lifestyle. I decided to exercise by walking, it was initially very tough for me because my right knee was swollen and hurts badly .With determination and discipline , I took a decision to eat healthy and walk at least one hour six times a week. In one year , I have seen tremendous result. My weight has come down, my knee no longer hurts as before, I can walk more without becoming breathless and my vital health statistics are normal. Healthy eating and regular exercise really paid off The healthy living WhatsApp platform has helped my journey to live healthy, I get regular information and exercises from the platform. I get encouraged and motivated by information shared on the platform and being on the platform reinforces my determination to continue to eat right and exercise Thank you coach for your selfless service to us
Mrs Oluremi Fakoya Ihejirika

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