Her name is Beauty!

Beauty, that is her name!
No matter how hard you try to get her to call herself that, she refuses.
Why wouldn’t she call herself such a wonderful name?
Why would she shun an invitation to see what she has, or could become?
Why would she turn away an invitation to soar and revel in her personal glory?

Her response is amazing!:
Why should I call myself beauty?
What is beautiful about me?
Right from a young age, all I ever knew was pain, rejection, mockery, abuse.
The important people in my life felt I was a mistake, a child that should not have been born.
There must be something wrong with me for them to say that
At every stage of my life, there seems to be something wrong with me.
I struggled through school, have problems communicating properly.
I was constantly laughed at for making efforts to improve myself.
No matter how hard I try, I always seems to take the wrong step.
Everybody cannot be wrong.
Something must be wrong.
I have tried over the years to look for ways out of this pattern of sorrow, pain, anguish, rejection.
Everywhere I turn, all I see is life confirming what I’m trying to run away from.
There seems to be no way out except acceptance of my life the way it is.
As I accept what life has thrown towards me, I stay within my perceived limitations.
Life has shown me I am a mistake, a person that should be avoided, with nothing good to offer.
I have accepted that. I live through each day anticipating when I will take my last breath
Living this world seems to be the only way out
I am eagerly waiting, anticipating and looking forward to leaving this life that seems meaningless to me.
Here you now come and you call me beauty?
Why should I answer to your lies, using words just to generate positive emotions that do not last?
Beauty, Beauty, Beauty
Please let me be, my name is not beauty but pain.
Please let me be!

Her name is Beauty (Part 2)

He called me beauty
Why would he do that?
How much does he know me?
Does he know the kind of life I have lived
The despicable things that I have done that I am now ashamed of?;
the adventures I have been on that have sunk me deeper in misery and pain?

His response startled me:
I know you
I know your journey
I know your heart’s longings
I see your struggles;
your struggles to evolve;
your struggles to come alive, to be free from the shackles of life’s limitations.
I see the desperation in your eyes to be true to yourself, to be real, be genuine and not live under the cloak of pretense, seeking validation from men.
I see it all
I called you beauty because that is who you are
Your beauty can only be experienced and seen if you allow me to help you
I call you beauty because that is who you are and within you lies the capacity to be all that I call you!
I called you beauty because your intricate formation, design, disposition are uniquely yours and no one else’s
I called you beauty because you are endowed with talents, abilities and giftings that make you stand out among men
You were not created to just be a number
You were created to manifest beauty because your name is Beauty.

He called me beauty (Part 3)

He called me beauty
His words are different
His words warm my heart
His words pierce my heart with such soothing coolness, that I literarily feel weights being lifted off me
His words release a depth of calmness that I have never felt before
His words make me wanted and loved
He is not calling me by sins
He is not labelling me by my mistake
He is not laughing at my shortcoming
He is not calling others to mock me
All he is doing is calling me a name that I have never answered to before – Beauty
He is calling me beauty without demanding perfection first.
He is calling me beauty in spite of my life of  misery.
He is definitely different. I wonder who he is

His response melted my heart to surrender:
Of course, I am different, He said;
I loved you enough to lay down my life for you
I took your punishment so that you might be forgiven and live forgiven
I took your wound, grief, sorrow so that you might be healed and live in perpetual health
I loved you enough to die your death so that you might receive life and live life abundantly
I truly showed you my love when I took your shame, guilt, regret, rejection so that you can have full acceptance
I became all you were so that you could become all I am
You might look at your life up to this point and see only ugliness, but when I look at you, all I see is my beauty
The price for your ugliness to become beauty has been paid
All I ask is that you allow me into your life
To help you become the real you, to help you answer to your real name – Beauty

Your name is beauty
Answer to it and the beauty will manifest!