The Healing Place
(A place where Science and Biblical Spirituality come together as one)

Living a wholesome life and enjoying it is God’s plan for each of us.
The price paid on the cross clearly demonstrates God’s desire to see us well.
The Bible is full of promises which guarantee us health and well-being. (3John2; 1 Thess. 5:23; Proverbs 4:20-23)

There is plenty of evidence that many, however, strive to look good on the outside, but struggle with their health especially emotional health. Many are broken within, grappling with stifling emotions and content themselves with less than they deserve.

Well, this ought not to be so. There is a way out.
Embracing the love of Christ
Opening deep wounds to touch it.
Trusting His verdict about you.
Receiving support where needed.
These and many others are at the centre of “The Healing Place”

We are here to walk beside you through Bible teaching, prayers, guidance and support until you experience the healthy life for which Christ has paid.

We are available for workshops, prayer retreats and healthy involvement in promoting the message of Christ on Wholeness

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