The Rumbling Noise

A walled city, fully guarded and protected from intruders and all kinds of maladies

It’s people strong, joyful, hardworking, resilient, watchful
and loyal to their city

Loyalty seen in prompt responses
to any sign
of intrusion.

A city filled with such abundance that it’s citizens have no need to peek elsewhere;
a city content in itself

A centre for merchandise of all sorts;
A place of comfortable peace and quiet satisfaction.

Secure live’s lived, without concern for tomorrow’s unravelings

There lived the labelled soul- industrious, hardworking and known for her trade.

Powerful and respected in the city.

This soul heard the rumbling, noise-making wave in the city

She was perplexed at how men have become fearful, tearful, weak and mesmerized at the rumbling noise

How could such a wave make weaklings of mighty men?

How could mighty men of war become fearful, sniveling, cowardly children?

This soul investigated and she saw the clear blue sky, the shining stars all in place;
all making their beauty known and she knew by instinct, what to do.

She stepped on to a tiny, risky path;
she put her life on the line. She did this to hold on to the path;
the risky path that demands death and total annihilation.
Yet, she was not afraid!

She followed her heart, walked in courage, not fearing the wrath that could follow

Unknown to this soul,
this person, this label- the scarlet was the lifesaver.

The scarlet rope by the window became an invitation to make life out of the rumbling noise

It sounded a bugle-like call for escape from the impending anguish and chaos

She knew the time
of change had come

The time to drop the old and embrace the new

The time to live a life of meaning; a life with meaning.

A life devoid of the labelling that spelt destruction

The scarlet rope!

Many saw it and looked away

Many saw and laughed

Many saw and made a spectacle of her foolish men

But to those that heeded the invitation
and paid attention to the message of the rope, the thread received reconciliation.

To them it brought freedom, redemption, peace and prosperity

The scarlet rope –
a quiet place and space in the rumbling noise that is life A running thread from Genesis to Apocalypse