Unnamed, insignificant, seemingly unimportant, yet having a little voice that becomes a big voice that changes lives.

Unknown, insignificant, seemingly irrelevant yet has a message.

Unnamed, unknown, seemingly insignificant, yet clear-sighted.

Small statutered;
Location unfavourable; disadvantaged;
Stumbling, mumbling words of a strange language in a strange land.
Away from the familiarity of beliefs, culture and life expectations-
Yet true to her story, her history, her people.
Observing the plight and pain of the other.
Seeing the struggles, the anguish and limitation of debilitating health and physical decay-
Offering help with knowledge and wisdom with prudence, respect and discretion.

Announcing hope and its possibilities; suggesting pathways to peace and sound health; message embraced!

Who would have thought?
Such magnificent sounds coming from so seemingly inconsequential a voice.
But it was her voice and she used it!

Bringing jjoy, peace and strength.
Ascending heights; achieving health and fulfilling possible dreams of dermatological and other perfections.
All because she spoke up; she used her voice and was heard.

Oh the joy this little voice experienced-
Glad the truth was not buried;
Glad hope, peace, joy, healing were brought to a seemingly dead situation
Glad she spoke up.
Glad he listened.
Glad he acted.
Glad, all round!

Never underestimate the power of speaking the truth about God, who He is and what He can do;
of speaking your truth
in love about your purpose in being;
your purpose of being!

Never underestimate your influence – your voice might be the missing link needed.

I salute the courage of Naaman’s maid and of
Naaman- the Syrian, the Commander, the leper, who listened.

Be courageous
Do not be silent
Do not be silenced!