The concept of living a healthy life has been of tremendous interest to me since I started my career as a fitness instructor nearly 20years ago.  My journey into the world of fitness opened my eyes to see how powerful we humans are and how our choices impact our health.  I have seen people who focus only on exercising and neglect other aspects of their lives, and still struggle with their health just like those who do not exercise.  I have also seen those that are consumed with dieting alone, assuming that is all that is required to live well, still develop health issues.  I have come to know that exercising regularly and eating healthy, as good as they are, does not give the total picture of what healthy living is all about.

What then is Healthy Living?

Healthy living is about making healthy choices every day, choices that keep us fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Healthy living encompass every aspect of a man’s life working together in congruence such that life is lived meaningfully, not just for personal enjoyment and satisfaction but having extra energy to invest in the life of others. The giver of life at the beginning of time embedded the concept of healthy living in His order of creation and commanded the epitome of His creation (Man) to live within those concepts.  The concept of eating well and consuming things that are close to its original state without much alteration, the principle of movement – work and till the ground, the principle of rest , having good relationships, and living a purpose driven life as seen in the first man are all foundations for a healthy living.

The drive and call to healthy living has been in existence for centuries. Hippocrates (c460-370 BC) said “eating alone will not keep a man well, he must also exercise”. He also said “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health”.

A man named Galen (129-210AD) also stood out promoting what the initiator introduced at creation.  He was a man who until the age of 28 suffered from various illnesses and in his bid to overcome his illnesses discovered that there are certain principles if put into practice will promote health.  This he did and subsequently lived a disease free life.

The principles called Galen principles focusses on what you eat and drink, how active are you, getting the right amount of sleep, looking after your mental and emotional health (managing stress), living and working in an environment that promote wellbeing and ensuring everything is balanced. (Excerpts from Living the Galenic Life. Ancient Ideas on Well-being in Practice: Guidelines and Information Booklet). These principles though modified over the years are still central to living a healthy life.

Healthy living is a call to a life of wellbeing that cuts across every aspect of human existence. It is a personal thing. Every individual is responsible for their daily choices towards a healthy lifestyle. If poor choices are made, over time it tends to destabilise the proper functioning of the body and sometimes the mind.

Creating awareness that healthy living is possible is my passion.  I love to see people eat well, exercise, manage stress and avoid destructive habit.  They are things I am also working on in my own personal life. I am not yet there but I try to improve on my choices daily. Of recent, I experienced how unmanaged stress can cause your body to malfunction, weaken the immune system and make you susceptible to ill-health. These things are real. Unmanaged stress can kill.

The call to healthy living is not only for adults, it also involves our children.  To a large extent, our children copy us without saying anything to them. Obesity among children is on the increase and it is a reflection of the lifestyle of parents.  So, to see your children feed and feel well, start with yourself by feeding well and feeling well.

Personally, I stand for healthy living. Though  still a work in progress,I am committed to keep improving on myself and likewise encourage others to do so, hence the creation of this site.  So, you are most welcome to travel with me on this adventurous journey to healthy living.

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