Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is big business in the health and fitness industry.  It is no more news that being overweight or obese impedes our health and puts the body at risk of cardiovascular diseases.  There is so much information out there calling for the attention of those that struggle with being overweight and obese.  These pieces of information have one underlying intention – to create motivation for change.  Those that have experienced weight loss can easily relate to the benefit of being light.  It seems to come with renewed energy and strength to do things that were struggles before. 

True health and wellness is about the total man – spirit, soul and body.  Being light weighted is not only about the physical body, it also applies to the mind.  Just as excess weight affects the body negatively, excess cluttering of the mind affects an individual negatively.

Travelling light involves shedding excess physical and mental weight.

What then is Mental Weight?

It is any habit, thought,, feeling or emotion that hinders the ability to live in peace and at peace with one’s self and others.  The reality is that everyone of us will be faced with difficult situations at some stage in our lives, that will challenge our ability to be at peace with ourselves and others.  However, these challenges need not define us as they are usually avenues for change and growth, if well managed.

Mental weight has to do with the habits and thoughts we engage in every day. Thoughts that disturb our balance and equilibrium.. There are so many of them ranging from anxiety, worry, anger, envy, jealousy, bitterness, malice, hatred and unforgiveness  etc.

These habits/emotional attitudes and responses, tend to be internal and so can be carried around for so long that they become weights. Just as excess physical weight is hazardous to health, so also mental weight.

Maintaining healthy mental weight requires deliberation, consciously getting rid of negative habits, thoughts and emotions that promote such disharmony.  The greatest precursor to mental wellness is having peace in your heart and being at peace with yourself. 

I have found out in my life journey that if I put the author of peace Jesus Christ at His rightful place in my heart regardless of external circumstances, I can enjoy true peace.  True peace is not the absence of trouble, difficulties, challenges but a state of calmness, rest, trust and assurance in the unconditional love of God the Father, that was manifested when He allowed His only Son to die an horrific death on the cross just so we could have eternal life.

It is an act of faith that must be cultivated deliberately, daily taking steps to do things that maintain your internal equilibrium. Part of that has to do with the ability to declutter negative words, emotions and relationships that promote discord, disunity and destabilization. It’s being able to critically assess the impact the things around you have on your internal equilibrium.

When you are at peace with yourself, it becomes easier to creatively seek for constructive ways to be at peace with others.

Travelling Light is the best way to live a truly purpose driven life.